Struggles for Women Continue at Butler

The Lady Devils traveled to Butler this afternoon to take on the top ranked 22-2 team of the Grizzlies. The ladies would be undersized and out-rebounded from the start. Butlers post would have a big first half as they would go for 12 offensive rebounds and score over 20 points in the paint. The ladies were short handed going in as injury took their main scorer, Ariel Walker. They would not be able to connect for easy layups Or buy a free throw in the first half. The ladies would shoot an ugly 28% from the floor and be down 20-40 at half.

The second half would be much of the same story. Jakira Wilson would get hot in the second half as she attacked the basket. ChrisAlee Patterson would join her efforts as she would get steals for easy points. However, the size and athleticism of Butler would not be matched. 

The ladies would come up short 40-75. The shooting percentage from the free throw line would be brutal for the team as they went 9-22, at 40%. The ladies were led by Wilson and Patterson who each had 10 points. Gabby Guzman added 9 of her own. The ladies will be back in action at home on Monday to take on Coffeyville for homecoming.